Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Church & Coffee Shop

Wow, our Church and Coffee Shop scenes went very well! I don't believe that we had any major difficulties, technical or otherwise. 

I was continually amazed by the hospitality of the people that we had to deal with in these locations, from the pastor and congregation of the church to the barista at the Forza's. They were all EXTREMELY accommodating and willing to make our jobs easier any way they could. For instance, even though the coffee shop was in full business, and serving customers some of the time we were filming, the kindly barista had no problem with us setting up a full dolly and O'Connor tripod suite in the tight space behind the counter, and the volunteers at the church stayed more than a half hour longer than we had originally asked them to. 

Both locations were perfect for what we were looking for, aesthetically. The church was not too fancy and with very distinct pews. As for the coffee shop, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves, the warm tones and wood floors could not have been better for the scene. 

Only two more shoots to go: The Fancy Restaurant and the Field/Hallucination Scene. We are still looking for these locations, so if you have any suggestions or people you can hook us up with, we would greatly appreciate it. 


Stephen B said...

There seems to be someone missing who would just make this picture a perfect one...

Brian said...

Actually we have our restaurant. Cohos in Buckley of all places. It's a beautiful restaurant, though. (Which is very surprising based on its locale.)

They are giving us 3 hours there free of charge. It's going to look great.

We're shooting Monday at 2:30... whoa that's tomorrow!

John said...

Dear Christ Followers,
My name is Landon and I am an intern at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in Bloomington Indiana. I am trying to gather some information about running a coffee shop at a separate location from our church. I was interested in finding out if you had any things in which you have found to be a positive effect on running the shop. Are there any things in which you wish you had done differently? What are some good events in which can bring in customers? Thanks for any help and contribution you can provide to my research!

In Christ,