Monday, March 31, 2008

The Fancy Restaurant

We finished shooting the Fancy Restaurant scene today. 

We had a couple issues with the lack of available crew and sunlight creating hot spots on the polished wood siding of one of the walls. But all problems were resolved and we were able to get some fantastic footage of Greg and Abby. 

Time constraints became a bit of an issue as we only had three hours there, so we had to hustle through some of the shots towards the end.

Today was also my debut as the boom-man on set, and I'm afraid I hurt more shots than I helped :-P. It was a bit of a challenge as there was an obnoxious fan going in the background for the entire shoot, so it was necessary to get the boom as close as possible to the audio we wanted to get, which takes a bit of practice.......

We now have only to film the now dubbed "Field of Death". This may take a couple weeks to put together with enough extras, so things will probably be slowing down around here. 

As we wrap up the production stages and move into post production, your prayers would be much appreciated for the editing and coloring of our film, as well as wisdom as we start looking for different festivals to send it to. 


Brian said...

This location was perfect. I mean it was a beautiful little hole in the wall type of restaurant. The kind that seems as if all the locals would know about it as being great, but it's not Olive Garden. You know what I mean?

I wish we had a few full days to shoot stuff there, it was a really cool spot. I'll have to post some pictures soon. We were short on crew so we didn't take many.

JosephDaniel said...

By the way, its "Field of the Dead". "The Field of Death" just seems a little morbid.

Great post!

Brian said...

I like the Field of Death better. We should have a little sign in the grass of this field that says... Field of Death with a skull and cross bones