Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Fun Facts About Dialtone

Here are some fun facts about Dialtone, our first short film and one of only 42 films selected from 250 entries as a semi-finalist entry at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival:

1. Some are calling Dialtone the "Filmmakers' Choice" at the film festival. Several of the directors and producers of the other entries (including 2 of the feature films) said it was the best film they saw at the festival.

2. The SAICFF is by far one of the biggest and most competitive film festivals with the largest cash prize of any film festival in America, secular or otherwise.

3. The audience response at both of the festival screenings of Dialtone was overwhelming.

4. Dialtone was the most talked-about short film at the SAICFF, and was referenced as an example of how to make a professional-quality film with the most basic equipment.

5. At least 3 influential people at Vision Forum stated that if Dialtone had been submitted at last year's festival, it would have won at least one award.

6. Dialtone did not win any awards at the SAICFF.

7. A lot of people, including several other filmmakers, were shocked at the fact that Dialtone did not win any awards at the SAICFF.

8. We did not make Dialtone with the purpose of winning awards at the SAICFF.

9. It was an indescribable honor to have been selected as a semi-finalist entry at the SAICFF.

10. It was an even greater honor to have worked alongside Brian Lohr, Daniel Bittner, David Craig, Daniel Craig, Sam Young, Stephen Bittner, Jacqueline Bittner, Natalie Lohr, Kaitlin Lohr, Matt Lands, Michael Goulet, The Bradricks, The Munsons, Andrew Lee, The Gravers, Randy Gross, John Wright, Rita Fletcher, Howard Lohr, Chris Lohr, Benjamin Berkompas, Jimmy Sizemore, Jeff Spohn, The Rowlands, The Pollocks, and countless others.

11. God is not finished with Dialtone.

12. I am, above all else, grateful.


KimC said...

Thanks for the reminder - we'll be downloading this film to watch at home since we missed it at the festival.

KimC said...

Correction: my children have already purchased and downloaded your film.
Well done.

Brian said...

Well done with the blogging, sir. Great post here.

Jacqueline said...

Great Post Gary! :)

The Criss family said...

A+ for a job well done! We love the movie- top notch!

Esther Zimmerman said...

Good job, Gary!! Dialtone was awesome and it was so cool watching it on the big screen!

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