Thursday, January 8, 2009

Germane Productions Reporting Live from the SAICFF

Well it's official, the judges loved our film, the audience loved it more, and by popular vote we have received not only the Jubilee award and the best short, but the coveted Audience Choice award to boot. And the festival hasn't even started yet.

OK, not quite, but we are very excited on the first day of the festival to see all of the films that are on the docket to start showing here today. It is interesting just looking at the broad spectrum of films that have become finalists. From the introspectual feature Sounds of a Dirt Road that was shot in less than two weeks on about $900 to the epic film Pendragon that took more than four years and $180,000 to produce; from a French film on fetishism to a pistol packing pencil, the variety here is amazing.

Of course, the $101,000 Jubilee award winner is the question on everybody's mind, and many are positive that either Fireproof or Expelled is going to be a sure winner. Personally, I think the judges are going to pick somebody a little less predictable than that. I do believe that the winner will be one of the eight feature finalists, but probably one that could use and appreciate the award more like Secrets of Jonathan Sperry or The Widow's Might.

As far as Dialtone is concerned, we are all very optimistic about its ability to place. I personally was very excited when Issac Botkin actually mentioned our film at the Christian Filmmaker's Academy earlier this week when discussing the ability to create a superior product on a relatively cheap camera.

All in all, it is absolutely thrilling to see all of the films brought in this year that have all been made for the glory of God. I know some that are calling 'no fair' because of the acceptance of some 'professional' films, but we must keep in mind that ultimately films like Fireproof and Expelled are an example that the festival is hoping that everyone will eventually follow. Please keep both us and Dialtone in your prayers this week, it's going to be a long, grueling, and, win or lose, absolutely fantastic week!