Thursday, January 8, 2009

God Bless Texas

Okay, let me just say it: I love this place! The weather is great, the people are wonderful, and the Mexican food is the real deal. Sure, it's flat out here... if your dog ran away you could still see it 3 days later; but I just love being here.

Dialtone is creating a major buzz at the festival! It seems everyone has heard about it or plans to see it. I was at a restaurant eating lunch when a family wearing festival badges came and sat at the table next to me. I walked over to say hello and recommended that they check out Dialtone. They all immediately chimed in that they had heard all about it, had seen the trailer, and just couldn't wait to see it! I've overheard several people asking when Dialtone was showing so they could plan to see it. Very encouraging!

Got to see the Craig Brothers(TM) and the Craig Sister and the Craig Mother, a couple of Bittners, and I got to meet the Riddells, who are just amazing, wonderful people who are probably reading this blog entry so I figured I should say something nice about them. But seriously... great people.

Now onto the festival! I saw a film called "The Sword" which is in the Young Filmmaker's category. GREAT story, and a very ambitious effort, especially for a young director. I was impressed. And I got to see "Click Clack Jack," which was PHENOMENAL and is the only film that I worry about losing to at this point. As a counter measure, I slipped all of the judges a crisp $1 bill with a wink and a "I think Mr. Washington would like to cast HIS vote, Wink, Wink!" Maybe I shouldn't have actually SAID "Wink, Wink." In retrospect, I think that may have hurt our chances.

Got to meet a lot of filmmakers today, and hung out with Daniel Bittner a lot because he was the only one who got to wear the "Semi-Finalist" ribbon on his name badge. Coattails, people. It's the secret to getting ahead in this industry. That, and that trick with the dollar bills.

Opening ceremonies were great, and lasted approximately 37 hours. But it was great. George Sarris performed a very artistic narration of the biblical account of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho using a red scarf and his amazingly awesome voice(s). And we heard the famous Von Trapp Children sing. Sadly, they did not sing the yodeling goat song, despite the many shouts from the audience as they screamed, "Do the Yodeling Goat song! Wooo!"

Wow. Maybe I shouldn't blog at 2:30 in the morning.

I'll check in tomorrow! Go Dialtone!!


Jimmy said...

Crisp $1 bills... nice. Please keep blogging at 2:30 in the morning. It's highly entertaining. :)

Kelly R. said...

Thanks for the sweet words about me and my family.
Lol!!! Even if you were just saying it to be nice.:-) It was great to meet you too. The whole week of the SAICFF was such an amazing experience and I still believe that y'all should have won the grand prize!
God bless,