Friday, January 9, 2009

A live post!

For all those those skeptics that claimed I would never post, I have now proved you wrong. But you see, the biggest part of my job as producer is to find other people to do things for me and I think Gary has been doing a very good job at that.

I'm sitting at a table in the Rivercenter food court after a quick lunch in between films. I saw three this morning and am about to watch The Other Son followed by Dialtone. I am very excited to see the improvements in production values on lot of these films since the last festival.

My voice is a bit hoarse after talking to so many people yesterday and this morning. I had forgotten how many people I knew down here and have been surprised to meet many others that I didn't think would be here.

I look forward to posting reviews of todays films later this evening.

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thevaguequeen said...

I was proved wrong. :D Hurray.